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PulStar Chiropractic Treatment

Love to feel good but don't like all the bending, cracking and popping associated with chiropractic care? By utilizing the PulStar’s sophisticated computer analysis, Dr. Jade can pinpoint your problem areas with precision. The information is then charted graphically on a computer monitor, and saved for each visit to visualize your progress.

Treatment with the PulStar feels like quick, small taps on your back precisely to the affected areas. This relieves pressure on the nerve, allows the nerve to heal, and restores the nerve’s ability to transmit signals to the brain more freely. Most importantly, it helps relieve the pain! After a treatment with the PulStar, Dr. Jade takes an additional reading to show you the improvement.


Why Do We Suggest It?

PulStar Chiropractic Treatment is often a good alternative or supplement to traditional chiropractic treament. When you visit our clinic for this type of treatment, we’ll explain how we think it can benefit you specifically and go over any questions or concerns you have.

Please contact Life Quality Chiropractic for PulStar Chiropractic Treatment in Farmington, NM, by calling us at 505-327-5086.

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