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Nervous About Getting Twisted and Popped? Check Out Our Pulstar Treatment

Nervous About Getting Twisted and Popped? Check Out Our Pulstar Treatment

Suffering from chronic pain isn’t fun and many people ignore their discomfort and fail to seek out treatment for fear that it will hurt or be uncomfortable. Many sufferers believe that chiropractic adjustments which involve the twisting and popping of joints are their only treatment options. 80 percent of adults in the US report experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. That’s an awful lot of people who admit to suffering. Treatment options are varied but can be intimidating. Typical chiropractic care includes adjustments that pop and twist the patient, which can cause anxiety about being uncomfortable during treatment. Physically demanding treatments have been popular in the past, but now there is a treatment option that doesn’t involve the risk of discomfort.

What is Pulstar treatment?

Impulse technology can offer a much gentler solution. It’s pain-free and takes a fraction of the time of the typical adjustment-style treatment. The use of multiple impulse therapy can effectively treat pain from musculoskeletal misalignments anywhere on the body. This means that not only back pain but most types of chronic pain can be easily and painlessly treated. Pulstar treatments can be used to ease and even rid a patient of joint pain and potentially related conditions. Multiple impulse technology can even treat nerve fiber or pinched nerve related conditions. There has also been success in treating repetitive strain related conditions and typical chronic back pain conditions such as back pain, lower back pain, muscle spasms, neck pain and shoulder pain. Treatments are non invasive and not physically demanding, including no twisting and popping.

What does it feel like?

The Pulstar system uses impulses much like a woodpecker tapping on a tree; don’t worry, though. It’s much gentler. It’s much like a massage that is very specifically targeted at a problem area. The oscillating force with uninterrupted motion can specifically target the muscles and the spinal segment reducing or enabling motion. The softened tips and low impact impulses send messages to treatment areas “un-sticking” the stiff and potentially painful segments of your spine. The low impact multiple impulses allow the system to accurately target a treatment area, minimizing the intensity of impact required for treatment. This means that the treatment process is about as comfortable for the patient as a gentle massage. In other words, the process is pain free.

So how does this treatment work?

The Pulstar System directs impulses into the tissue and can accurately map the treatment area with a visual the chiropractor can see on his or her computer screen. This allows the chiropractor to see the areas that most need help. The system is used to perform both the analysis and treatment. Precisely controlled, low force, multiple impulses are applied locally to provide a gentle mobilization of the joint.

The unique, computerized, noninvasive, imaging system allows a practitioner to accurately locate and correct spinal joint fixations. This allows for a measurement of the movement of each vertebra or segment of the spine that is being evaluated. With this precision, the chiropractor doesn’t have to guess or treat a general area. Now they can pinpoint exactly where the patient’s problem areas are and treat the underlying issues more precisely. With precision in treatment, the solution to a patient’s pain is much quicker than other long term treatments.

Each section of the spine can be examined, sequentially allowing for even more precision. The measurements taken can be viewed in real-time on a computer screen. The real-time results enable patients and practitioners to actively see the problem and results of the treatments. The Pulstar system uses the multiple impulse technology to read the resistance, or flinches, of each segment of the spine. The system records the resistance given back to that force and displays the information on a representation of the spine on a computer screen. If you’ve ever “flinched” then you know what the computer is actually looking at. Mapping the results on a representation of the spine, the red and yellow areas on the image indicate problem areas.

One the problems are visualized on screen, the doctor can apply precise pressure in a specific treatment area. The impulses then loosen the joint and provide mobilization. The data from each treatment is saved and used with each successive treatment to help the practitioner know what the patient’s progress is and how well the treatment is working. Patients typically feel greatly reduced pain in as little as three or four visits.

The technology behind the innovative Pulstar treatment system was originally created by NASA engineers. The original technology was used to evaluate the integrity of the ceramic cooling tiles used on the outside of space shuttles. The aviation industry also uses the technology to test for metal fatigue in aircraft, and civil engineers use the technology to test for fatigue in bridge spans.

After refining the technology, the Pulstar system is now available to chiropractors. This highly sophisticated technology now enables a practitioner to evaluate the integrity or fatigue in your spine and joints. It allows patients access to the same level of care given to multi-million dollar spacecraft. It seems right that the human body gets the best care available to man, too.

Why wait? Why stay in pain when a non-invasive treatment is available? Make an appointment today and start feeling like a kid again. Bend with ease and keep up with life and it’s many exciting opportunities in a pain-free way. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith today. OFFICE HOURS Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Tuesday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM † Wednesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Thursday Closed Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Saturday / Sunday Closed * We are closed 12-1:30PM for lunch. † Doctor is not in Tuesday

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