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Whiplash is an injury to the neck muscles from rapid forward and backward motion of the neck caused by trauma. Pain can often be acute (short-term) but may fall into chronic (long-term) pain if left untreated. Whiplash is more than your standard neck pain. Often induced by auto-injury, whiplash creates muscle dysfunction in the neck. You may feel tightness, soreness, and general pain in the head, neck and spine.

Treatment includes a series of visits where Dr. Smith employs different types of adjustments, stretches and exercises with simple movements that are initially done in the office, but make for an easy transition to self-care at home. These exercises help you take an active role in your own recovery.

Stabilization and sensorimotor exercise approaches may also be used to correct faulty movement patterns in routine activities and everyday life. Whiplash treatment trains the nervous system to better coordinate and control movement patterns, and improves the ability of the neck muscles to maintain its stability. These exercises are designed to help in a major trauma, such as a fall or whiplash during a motor vehicle accident, or in "micro trauma" from simple things such as being jostled in a crowd, playing sports or performing occupational or home jobs that require physical effort.

Its important to note that each individual case of whiplash is different, and appropriate treatment is unique to each whiplash injury. Visit with Dr. Smith for your individual treatment plan. Call us today at 505-327-5086 and start your journey back to full health.

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