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Dr. Smith has been my chiropractor for the last 5 years. The ProAdjuster (now called Pulstar) therapy was new for me, but it has been a pleasant experience and very successful.  The office staff is very friendly and accommodating.

~Terry S.


I was referred by a friend to go here because I was having issues with my back. I had seen 2 different chiropractors and still was not getting my back resolved. When I went to see Smith Chiropractor, I honestly was hesitant. But it's been a month and I really enjoy going here. Very friendly caring workers. And Dr. Smith is great!! Informs you just about what's going on and listens!!! Now I tell my friend, "Oh, I saw MY chiropractor today and it was great!" He looked at me and said "Who?? Whose your chiropractor??" I say "Smith Chiropractor".. he than said "uh, that's MY chiropractor... he's MINE!!" We now basically fight (jokingly) over Dr. Smith... lol!! But I believe, he's a keeper on being my chiropractor!!

~Kai  C.


Helpful and very friendly help. Instead of 'popping' your back, Dr Smith uses a ProAdjuster (now called Pulstar) which is much less uncomfortable and gives a computer printout of the change in your back. We love the care we get.

~Mary S.


Really helpful staff and Dr. Smith listens and wants to work with you so you have the best care for you.

~Jason G.


Dr. Smith has been such a good experience for me...this is my first time ever and I feel better already.. the staff is very friendly an welcoming... I would recommend him to everyone.

~Karen L.


Awesome visit as always, front office staff always polite, sweet and care enough to call me for reminder of appointments and check on me to see how I'm doing. They also work with my insurance. Thank you!

~Pearline R.


No doubt there is a 5 star rating! Love the staff and doctor! Always feel better when I leave. 🙂

~Virginia R.


I was involved in a car accident and got whiplash. Didn't think it was possible to get back to normal everyday duties. But after 3 months of treatment, I can truly say that Dr. Smith helped me get my back and neck pains back to normal. Thanks Smith Chiropractic.

~ Eric E.


The staff are very friendly and truly care about helping you get better. I was hurt really bad when I first started going to Smith Chiropractic. And now I feel a lot better. It is a good feeling to walk into an office and feel like they really care . Thank you guys so much

~Joni C.


I'm glad I went to Smith Chiropractic. I was having back pain and went in for a couple of adjustments. After those adjustments, I feel great! I recommend Dr. Smith, if you're looking for a chiropractic great friendly staff! Good job and thank you!

~Rolanda J.


I was in a lot of pain when I started seeing Dr. Smith. Within just a few treatments with his painless ProAdjuster (now called Pulstar), I was feeling wonderful. I will forever be grateful for his help, his wonderful staff and his uplifting ceiling lights. Check this great place out.

~Margaret P.


I love the staff at Smith Chiropractic. They're so friendly and considerate.

~Brittany B.


This chiropractor is the best in our area. Dr. Smith has been my chiropractor for a long time. He uses a lot of new equipment to leave you feeling great.

~Anthony P.


I'm so glad to find Smith Chiropractic after hurting my lower back at home... I was at a level 10 pain and 4 visits later I'm feeling almost pain free... the office and staff is very professional and on time if you have an appointment at 11 you are in the back office getting treatment at 11... Very happy to have found Dr Smith.

~Malissa O.


Dr. Smith is the best chiropractor in town. I've been going to him for many years. He uses the ProAdjuster (now called Pulstar) and every time I leave there I feel great. His staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

~ Dawn P.


I have for years enjoyed Dr Smith's services. And if I had to narrow it down, I'd says it's mostly because of his Pro-Adjuster (now called Pulstar). When I have had pain in my lower back or neck I go in to have a specific "protocol" & it works like magic. Head-aches gone, flexibility restored. I have been impressed with the equipment & the casual but comfortable environment. And best of all, PAIN-FREE. You'll be doing yourself a favor by using this doctor.

~Kyle M.


After four visits I am no longer walking with a walker or cane. I am still visiting the office and getting better.

~Amons R.


Dr. Smith has released so much of my back pain with his chiropractic services. The staff is always warm, friendly and courteous. He is the only chiropractor I trust.

~Michelle H.


If I ever have issues with my back, I know Smith Chiropractic is the place to go. Dr. Smith is able to relieve any tension or stiffness I may have.

~Haley B.


Smith Chiropractic is the place to go if you are in need of a good adjustment.

~Zachary T.


I have the most effective, painless chiropractic care from Dr. Smith at Smith Chiropractic.

~Omar S.


The staff members at Smith Chiropractic are very friendly, and Dr.Smith himself is very kind.

~Steve B.


I took my mom in today with very bad back pain and she feels way better after just one visit so worth it. Thanks for making my mom feel better to me that's priceless.

~Eva H.


Had a car accident back in November and the hospital never x-rayed me, but when I recently started going here, they did, and I'm glad so I know what is going on with my neck and spine. Real nice people and I feel very welcomed. I am starting to feel better, and I know I'm in good hands.

~Rebecca S.


Dr. Smith looks forward to meeting you and making you a part of his chiropractic family. Call us today at 505-327-5086 and start the journey back to full health.


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