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A Brief History of Chiropractic Care and Why It’s Worth Your Trust

A Brief History of Chiropractic Care and Why It’s Worth Your Trust

In the human history of treating pain, Chiropractic care is actually a rather new treatment method. Chiropractors began practicing around 125 years ago. That may seem like a long time, but considering that medicine has been evolving since before the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids, that’s a relatively short time. It should also be said that many people classified chiropractic care as a pseudo-medicine because of its interesting origins. Don’t let the idea that chiropractic treatments aren’t “real medicine” scare you off. In fact, chiropractic care has gained general acceptance as a scientifically proven treatment for joint pain and other injuries, thanks to a growing understanding of chiropractic care, the results patients are getting, and a scientific interest in the process.

Most medical practices that we know, like, and trust today started out on shaky grounds. Medical professionals believed that diseases and ailments were caused by disruptions to an energy, or life-force, that flowed throughout the body. Many medical practices invoked religious imagery. It was also believed that the blood in a person’s body simply sloshed about inside the body. Thankfully, with the help of artists and scientists, the medical profession, and our understanding of the human body, has improved. Medicine has advanced quite a lot since the time when leaches were the best treatment option available. The understanding of the human body and how it works, along with scientific advancements that allow imaging and mapping of the human skeletal, and nervous system has literally brought us out of the dark ages. This new light and information has also brought chiropractic care a long way from its religiously-based origin into a sound, scientifically-backed treatment option for those seeking relief from pain without medications and surgical intervention.

The Beginning

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek word “chiro” which means hand. The methods and ideals of chiropractic healing was founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer in Iowa. Palmer started out as a magnetic healer. He claimed that the inspiration for the adjustments and process of healing ailments through chiropractic care came from God. As he began his career, he initially kept the methods he used as family secrets. As time wore on and popularity increased, he eventually decided to share his knowledge with others. He then founded the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1989; Palmer’s own son Bartlett Palmer was one of the first students the school hosted. Eventually, Bartlett took over the school and expanded it’s enrollment. Bartlett can also be credited for embracing new methods of diagnosing injuries and introducing tools– in addition to hands– into the school’s curriculum.

Bartlett encouraged the use of imaging techniques, like x-ray, and thermal imaging with a device that he himself invented. The neurocalometer was highly controversial among many of the purist chiropractic practitioners. Bartlett was originally on the fence about using technology and instruments in his practice. But growing interest helped him see the benefit of imaging and better diagnosis of injuries that were being treated.

Modern Chiropractic

Thankfully, chiropractors nationwide are now specially trained and licensed. They also are beginning to enjoy greater acceptance of their peers in the medical field. It is more common now than ever for your family doctor to recommend seeking chiropractic care for an injury.

Modern chiropractors’ offices offer a wide variety of treatment and diagnosis options. Many offices even have their own imaging facilities so you don’t have to go somewhere else to get x-rays. After you are diagnosed, you and the chiropractor will discuss treatment options. Those options are likely to include massage and/or manual adjustments using his hands to make quick corrections to your spine, neck, or joints. Other treatments might require electric pulse machines that use low voltage pulses to gently massage the muscles and help release stress and reduce inflammation.

Gaining Status

As with most new discoveries, chiropractic healing didn’t gain credibility for a while. Many of the original chiropractors were being challenged with law suits, and even being jailed for practicing medicine without a license. It wasn’t until 1913 in Kansas that a formal licensing was available to chiropractors. It took 61 more years until all fifty states allowed licensing statutes for chiropractic care. Louisiana was the last state that accepted chiropractors and granted them licensing in 1974.

Since the 1990’s there has been a growing interest in the scientific study of chiropractic care which helps improve overall care and understanding of treatments. Established clinical guidelines have improved chiropractic care greatly over the course of a couple of decades. To become a chiropractor today, there are strict guidelines and heavily regulated schools to teach aspiring chiropractors. Becoming a chiropractor requires 7-8 years of university-level education. They are required to pass the same board exams given to medical students. There is also a minimum of 1 year residency under a licensed chiropractor before the student can become a fully licensed practitioner with their own practice.

A High Standard of Practice

It is easy to say of any profession, but one bad doctor, nurse, waiter, or actor can give the public a bad impression of a particular profession. The chiropractic profession has long battled a lot of misconceptions that the public has encountered. Since it’s dubious beginnings, chiropractic care has sometimes fallen into the same category as other unscientifically-proven healing methods.

Over time, however, thanks to the efforts of good, honest men and women, chiropractic care is seeing the light. Thanks to rigorous licensing practices, now there is a lot less doubt, and a lot more healing taking place. To help bolster this trust and encourage fair and honest practice, chiropractors take the Chiropractic Oath. The Chiropractic Oath is a variation of the Hippocratic Oath; it holds chiropractors to an equally high standard of practice.

With today’s licensing and schooling requirements, there are many ethical standards that modern chiropractors hold themselves to. Much like doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, today’s Chiropractors hold themselves responsible for the trust that the public puts in them.

Today, millions of patients have experienced the healthy benefits from visiting a chiropractor. You, too, can lead a pain-free life without the need for pain killers and surgical intervention. Schedule an initial consultation today with Dr. Smith and begin the road back to healthy, pain-free living. OFFICE HOURS Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Tuesday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM † Wednesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Thursday Closed Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM * Saturday / Sunday Closed * We are closed 12-1:30PM for lunch. † Doctor is not in Tuesday

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